Repron® certification.


Saffron is a spice with complex chemical composition, which can vary in percentage of the various components and which depends not only from the geographical origin, but especially by the cultivation and preservation techniques. As a direct consequence of this it can be stated that not all the crocuses are equal. Hortus Novus holds a patent that allows to identifying saffron types that have an important neuroprotective effect. If the saffron producers want, they might be allowed to use the Repron® brand issued by the company through an agreement. Samples have to be tested and certified by the company.

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Food analysis.

Zafferano repronHortus Novus has internal staff working from many years in close collaboration with the analytical chemistry laboratory of the L’Aquila University. This allows the company to have access to the most modern food testing technologies. Raw materials can be chemically characterized and controlled by various points of view; in particular analyses can be performed to detect the presence of pollutants such as pesticides, heavy metals, etc . We can also release, directly to producers of various commodities, certificates indicating the quality of the products supplied. Internal skills are not limited to food chemistry. In fact another jurisdiction relates to the field of chemiometrics (statistical analysis of chemical data), the science that allows you to trace the geographic origin and protected from imitations and adulterations products that use trademarks as the DOP, IGP, etc., as well as to optimize production processes (maximize the extraction of active ingredients from various plants, increase the solubility and / or bioavailability of certain substances, etc.).

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Applied research in collaboration or for third parties.

Hortus Novus takes part in research projects funded by the European Commission, Regions (POR And PSR) and the Ministries. Hortus Novus collaborates actively in applied research projects and clinical trials carried out for or on behalf of clients and private institutions.

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