zafferano a colazione

The “Novel food products for the promotion of Mediterranean Lifestyle and healthy diet” (PromedLife) project, funded by the European Horizon “Prima” program, has officially started. The project aims to promote lifestyles in line with the principles of the Mediterranean diet, encouraging healthy eating habits and reducing the environmental and economic impact of production and food processing.

Saffron, argan oil, dates and other ingredients typical of the Mediterranean area will be the subject of analysis and communication.

The project is coordinated by the Edmund Mach Foundation. Among the project partners: University of Trento, University of Parma, Enea and Italian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Greek and Slovak entrepreneurial realities.

PromedLife represents for Hortus Novus an opportunity to pursue its research interest and its international presence in the agri-food and phytotherapeutic sector. It also resumes and consolidates its scientific collaborations, in particular with ENEA, with which it had already carried out the Idrozaff project (

In this project Hortus Novus will produce Repron saffron microcapsules to be consumed in yogurt and it will study how its neuroprotective properties are maintained.

Hortus Novus carries on its mission which is the scientific and systematic study of bio-food products useful for human health.