January 2023

Diabetic Retinopathy, kick off of a cutting-edge research.

2023-01-30T12:14:12+01:00January 30th, 2023|

An interesting project about diabetic retinopathy has been recently awarded by the Italian Minister of Health in the #NextGenerationUE program framework. The project "Early Retinal Neurodegeneration as Risk Factor, Biomarker and Pharmacological Target of Diabetic Retinopathy" address a serious complication of diabetes that could lead to blindness. The team is led by the San Raffaele Hospital and is [...]

October 2022

AR2022 –  The second conference of the Society for Acquired Resilience in Sidney.

2022-10-27T17:52:38+02:00October 27th, 2022|

The second conference of the Society for Acquired Resilience took place from the 27th to 29th of September in Sydney. The Society for Acquired Resilience is a scientific organization of researchers interested in a variety of therapeutic applications able to ameliorate patients quality of life mainly by increasing  tissue resilience and to critically assess their validity from a clinical, anatomical, physiological, cellular and molecular [...]

June 2022

May 2022

Saffron for breakfast? Hortus Novus studies how in the European project PromedLife.

2022-05-17T16:19:17+02:00May 12th, 2022|

The "Novel food products for the promotion of Mediterranean Lifestyle and healthy diet" (PromedLife) project, funded by the European Horizon "Prima" program, has officially started. The project aims to promote lifestyles in line with the principles of the Mediterranean diet, encouraging healthy eating habits and reducing the environmental and economic impact of production and food [...]

February 2022

Saffron and sleep: a promising study

2022-02-01T12:20:24+01:00February 1st, 2022|

  Recently an article on the possible beneficial effects of saffron on sleep was published on JCSM (Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine). The experimental protocol was a double-blind placebo controlled procedure. The aim of the research was to verify the hypothesis that a treatment with saffron was able to improve the quality of sleep by [...]

January 2021


2021-01-08T10:38:25+01:00January 8th, 2021|

At the end of 2020, Enea's Biotechnology laboratory at Casaccia completed its part of the research as part of a project financed by the Ministry of Economic Development's Sustainable Growth Fund, called IDROZAFF. This project proposes the construction of a high-tech demonstration plant for the intensive cultivation of saffron in a controlled environment, with LED [...]

November 2019

Stargardt’s disease, effective treatment with saffron

2019-11-22T11:25:43+01:00November 22nd, 2019|

This is the important result of a research realised at the Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS and Università Cattolica, campus of Rome, published in the prestigious magazine "Nutrients". The study was coordinated by Prof. Benedetto Falsini, associate professor at the Institute of Ophthalmology (Catholic University) and specialist at the Ophthalmology UOC of the A. [...]

September 2018

Conference on Saffron at the Avezzano “Marsicana Week”.

2018-09-17T17:01:27+02:00September 17th, 2018|

  As part of the programme of events of the "Settimana Marsicana" in Avezzano (AQ), on 31 July a conference was held on "Saffron, between History and Actuality". Speeches given by many speakers were multi-disciplinary: from botany, to agronomy, to aspects of chemical and nutraceutical nature. Among the speakers, Dr. Maria Maggi, Hortus Novus researcher, [...]

October 2017

Siog 2017

2018-07-04T08:01:34+02:00October 18th, 2017|

Si svolgerà a Napoli i prossimi 20 e 21 ottobre il VII Congresso della Società Italiana di Oftalmologia  Genetica (SIOG), organizzato dalla professoressa Francesca Simonelli, direttore della Clinica Oculistica dell'Universita' degli Studi della Campania L. Vanvitelli. Verranno trattati gli aspetti più innovativi in tema di diagnosi e terapia delle malattie oculari rare, con particolare riferimento alle [...]

European Retina Meeting 2017

2018-07-04T08:02:16+02:00October 11th, 2017|

European Retina Meeting 2017 was held from 5th to the 7th October in Paris, France. This Meeting brought together the best specialists in vision, especially in retinal research, from all over the world. Our current understanding of the retinal information processing is now making it possible to design rational therapies for a number of diseases impairing [...]