progetto idrozaff

At the end of 2020, Enea’s Biotechnology laboratory at Casaccia completed its part of the research as part of a project financed by the Ministry of Economic Development’s Sustainable Growth Fund, called IDROZAFF. This project proposes the construction of a high-tech demonstration plant for the intensive cultivation of saffron in a controlled environment, with LED lighting, and in certifiable pharma-grade quality.

The realization of the high-tech hydroponic cultivation plant allowed to carry out biological testing of saffron cultivation in various farming conditions with fine analysis of the pharma-grade quality and molecular composition of the final product.

Hortus Novus, with its researchers from the analytical chemistry and physiology laboratories, contributed to the positive results of the project, providing assistance both in the selection of bulbs for experimentation and in the comparative analysis of crocus stigmas samples obtained in different development and growth conditions, confirming that “repron” saffron, effective in neuroprotection, can also be produced in hydroponic conditions.

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