As part of the programme of events of the “Settimana Marsicana” in Avezzano (AQ), on 31 July a conference was held on “Saffron, between History and Actuality”.

Speeches given by many speakers were multi-disciplinary: from botany, to agronomy, to aspects of chemical and nutraceutical nature.

Among the speakers, Dr. Maria Maggi, Hortus Novus researcher, presented an excursus on all the research work conducted from the Company in recent years: both from a purely chemical point of view, starting from the geographical traceability studies (very important both to protect the producers of this spice and the certification marks, and to highlight the presence of any counterfeiting and / or adulteration of saffron), but also from a pharmacological point of view.

This last part of the work was the result of an intense research activity in collaboration with the group of neurophysiologists directed by Professor Silvia Bisti and the group of ophthalmologists of the Catholic University of Rome, directed by Professor Benedetto Falsini. Experimental results demonstrated that saffron with characteristic chemical components clearly defined, presents neuroprotective activity,

Hortus Novus has subsequently put these results into practice with a market product – ZAFFIT™ plus – that is effective in the treatment and/or care of certain neurodegenerative diseases. In addition, two international patents have been filed and a saffron quality mark – Repron® – can be granted to individual manufacturers if their saffron has a chemical composition that can be used in the ophthalmic field.

Hortus Novus Convegno Zafferano Settimana Marsicana Avezzano


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